Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nurturing creativity

Do your best - no matter what that is - and maybe some genius will be passed through you on its way to somebody else. We are not all geniuses, but we all have a genius. As long as we show up, do our part of the job to the best of our ability, that genius has the opportunity to show up too.

An inspiring speech for all who are creative, all who want to be creative and all who didn't even know they had it in them.

Questions I asked myself when listening to this inspiring, provoking thoughtful speech.

How can we best use these ideas to nurture children's creativity and genius?
• Do you think this is a valid approach to nurturing the best from children?
• Is it a cop out?
• Is it egotistical to think otherwise?
• If you take the genius out of you and placed the responsibility for it else where - would you try as hard? would children?

I do love Elizabeth Gilbert's concept. I love that it invites all to take part in sharing the genius, being open to creative thought, allowing yourself time to catch the poem, the tune, the thought.

PS - follow the TED link and read the comments that follow this talk - some great thoughts and debate.

(good grief - I just discovered she's my age - she seems so much wiser!!)

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