Saturday, December 1, 2007

Education of the future....?

After searching on YouTube for the movie Linda showed (see below) at the Auckland Regional Hui - I found some other great thought provoking compilations.... check it out.

Auckland Regional Hui

We had a great time in Auckland this Saturday at the ECE ICT Professional Learning Programme's Auckland Regional Hui. I woke at 5am, was on the road to Tania's by 6.45am, and we were on our way to Auckland for the 9am start. Naketa (our fantastic facilitator) opened the day with a movie (it's all about cool movies) about the things facilitators get up to... looks like hard work and great fun. Certainly the facilitators on this programme are inspiring - Naketa has been for us and we look forward to her inspirations over the next two years plus! (you can check out her blog here)

Everyone at the Hui had an opportunity to present their research and progress at workshops. These were inspiring. I couldn't discuss all I learnt from these but here are some highlights. I was motivated by Waiuku Kindergarten, to extend our transition to schools programme (using the movies we have made about our local schools) and make these movies available in book form for easy access. I also saw an idea we have been dwelling on in action - A transition to school board displaying photos of children who are attending, or are going to attend a particular school. There were also photos of significant features of the school on the board. The children at Wiauku seem to refer to this regularly. Movies that showed groups of children around the board showed us the huge benefits and discussions this board generated about schools. Thanks Waiuku Kindergarten for sharing your research.

The second workshop I attended was from Meadowood Childcare Centre. It was great to see how movies are being used for children with "special rights" as a tool to help in IDP (individual development planning) meetings. These movies are put on a secure online site for supporters from other disciplines (occupational therapist, physio etc)to view before a visit or meeting. Oh how often it is that when these professionals visit an ECE centre, a child is either having a tough day, or just not wanting to do the things that the therapists need them to do in order to assess their development. Movies online as a way for group assessment appears valuable.

Tania and I presented at the second workshop. We presented on our passion for blogging and how it is benefiting our children and community, how links are being made across continents and knowledge is being shared - how we are all inspiring eachother to grow and learn. This presentation was based on the presentation we gave during the September holidays at the ULearn 07 Conference in Auckland. You can find out more about this on Manaia's Kindergarten Blog - click here.

Linda (another great Auckland facilitator) rounded up the Hui with an inspiring way of looking back over the year, seeing where we have come from, and reflecting on what we have learnt both over the year and at the Regional Hui, and where to from now. Tania and I drove back discussing many ideas about the road ahead.

Our goal for the day had been to not get a speeding fine or land in a paddock!! That goal achieved we learnt so much, deepened our relationship with other teachers on the ECE ICT PL Programme which is always a wonderful experience.

Here is a movie Linda showed about Education, which kinda sums up what we are all trying to achieve. Thanks to Naketa and Linda for a great day!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

New Blog

It has been a few days since I posted on this site. I have been upgrading and managing another of my blog sites which is now up and running. You can check out my new photographic site SilverSpikes Photography

Monday, July 30, 2007


Watched this on Close Up and had to find out more. Be prepared to feel your skin tingle!

Don't forget the name Paul Pots

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Meez

Found this cool site - thanks to Naketa's blog. Thought I would show of my alter ego.

Meet Alex...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More techy - heaps of fun

Ok - been having fun surfing... Check out this cool YouTube for Honda!

Websites made easy

For anyone who thought creating a website was too techy, difficult, and aren't computer literate enough - check out this site...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Recommended Blogs

Check out the blogs listed on the right. These are a result of our ECE ICT PL 3 year programme. Children 3-5yrs of age are up and running and using the technology to grow and learn. Check it out - you'll be amazed.


Move over 0s9 - the new laptop has arrived and taken over the digital waves. Be on the lookout for many new entries and great graphics.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Well it seems that my dearly loved, very old and delapidated, OS9 iMac might finally have done it's dash. In my efforts to start a blog, and keep up with the children of Manaia Kindergarten, this much undervalued, much loved computer will be assigned to the corner of the desk to make way for the MacBook Pro, OSX, and Broadband. It has been a wonderful slave for my artistic exploitations (check out but even in this, the ol' iMac has begun to slow to a halt. (it is currently typing three words behind my typing). Blogging is not for this ol' thing - but blogging is a great way to share with your wider community all that you learn, see and do. And I want to be part of that journey! Hopefully this will be a great way to share my ICT learning and any artistic spin offs that that might produce. Tomorrow I wll be at the stor upgrading - but I wont forget this old friend.

Sunday, May 6, 2007