Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why do you blog and what are you blogging about?

There are many Early Childhood Education blogs around these days. Its great!! It is wonderful to see such advocacy for Early Childhood. It would be interesting to know WHY early childhood centre's are blogging. What is your motivation to blog? What are your aims? What are your results?

Results is a strange word. But is it time to reflect on your aims and what you, your centre and your children are learning through blogging?

Linda - another of our great ECE ICT facilitators - wrote a thought provoking post in the subject.
"What are we blogging?" is well worth a read. In this post, Linda challenges us to think about what were are blogging. We often say we use blogs to celebrate children's learning. Are we celebrating product? What is happening to the process? Is process being valued through our blogs?

Do you have an example of an educational blog that celebrates process, is driven by children, or posts from parents?


Manaia Kindergarten said...

Lots of great reflective questions here Beverly and definitely worth spending time thinking of this... very timely questions when thinking about our action research:-)

Treehouse Dwellers said...

Thanks - yes I thought this would good to reflect on as part of our research. Also got some ideas as a result of the cybersafety workshop. Will put my reflections on the reflective blog hopefully by Monday.

Linda said...

Hi Bev. Enjoyed your succinct posting compared to my rambling post re blog content. Sorry - I mucked around with my blog template and lost your comments. I am interested in your further ideas.

Mom said...

I just started a blog to document the home schooling of my two youngest children through the method of unschooling. (Kids Choose What to Learn)

The entire concept of unschooling is focused on the learning process instead of the end results. It's wonderful, when done properly. It takes more consideration into the value of arriving at the results and less focus on the actual end.

Pete Hall said...

It's nice to see this question asked to a kiwi community so clearly.
I had a friend give me advice about my blog audience and such, but they'd taken little effort to ask this question first.
I started my blog just to see. I really didn't see the point.. but two friends said they liked it and asked that i kept going. It's an amazing process of thought for me. I find I have to be so much more thorough than I would in a general conversation. I'm not really sure who my audience should be, but it's not a problem right now because it's so small I know them all! :)

My kids are kicking into their own blog celebrating each others' work freely online. Some of my older kids even go next door to take notes on a junior class's news time and then post it for them on their own blog.