Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Election and National Standards

In November 2008 I posted a subtle cartoon warning readers about the pitfalls of National Standards. I followed through with a post election rant, a skeptical article about the newly elected National Party of New Zealand, their promise to maintain Free ECE and the idea that "what will determine our (individual) success is the unity of purpose".

This month the true colours of our National led government have been glimpsed. Hints about the upcoming budget, spell a demise for nation wide Free ECE for 3-5yr olds. And at the start of 2010 National Standards were implemented in all schools. It is unbelievable to me that anyone can see a logic in a set standard of education outcomes for all children, especially in the primary years. These are the years to be exploring one's potential, interests, curiousities - not trying to fit into a standard mold set by pompous politicians who all dress the same way.

Ken Robinson once again excells as he explains National Standards. In his quiet, confident tone, Robinson points out the pitfalls that National Standards presents.

Be warned - National Standards will be the demise of children's self esteem and a culture of creativity and innovation. See also Do Schools Kill Creativity - Ken Robinson

Thank you to Tania for sharing this great clip with me during our latest Conference and presentation on 21Century Thinking and Learning.

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