Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Change is in the air

Since my last blog post there have been many changes to my situation. I have resigned from my position as Head Teacher at Manaia Kindergaten. It was time!  I had been at Manaia for 10years. I continue to love the kindergarten, its community and the teaching team, but it was time to refresh my batteries and experience new adventures.

 I am currently working as a relieving teacher for the Northland Kindergarten Association. It has been the best professional development I could have hoped for and I highly recommend that others do the same. If you have a teaching job and just want to explore other ece's - talk to your management about a few days of professional development to visit other kindergartens or centres. Don't pop in for a few hours - take 3 days and visit 3 different centres. At the very least, do that.

As I move from kindergarten to kindergarten I am being asked to provide some ICT support - which of course I am happy to do in the context of the day. I am amazed how much ICT comes up in my practice - particularly trying to capture children's voice. I don't need to encourage children to share their stories, children I am new to are eager to tell me their stories. I video, take photos and type their words onto the photos when appropriate. Wherever possible I try to use the kindergarten's cameras, iPods and iPads. I have been surprised at the technology kindergartens have and how they are using it.

My interest has been spiked. What 'latest' technologies do early childhood centres have in new zealand and around the world? And how are they using their technologies?

How about you and your ece?
What do you have in the way of digital technology and how confident do you feel you are using it?
Are the digital technologies offering you and the children the extended learning opportunities you had hoped for?

Please be honest and if you want to remain anonymous you do have that option when posting a comment.

 PS: Another change in the air - its election year. Lets make that count!! More on that later.