Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ken Robinson

This talk from Ken Robinson may be a few years old - but definitely a good watch. What seems like an obvious way forward for education, seems to be a new idea for so many. Sir Ken Robinson, doesn't so much give a definitive view on what education should look like, but rather poses some reflective questions about education today. I have felt for some time that early childhood is on a good road. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the school system followed the lead of Early Childhood Education, by following children's interests, strengths and the tools that come so naturally to them, as a vehicle to teach them many of life's necessities. And along the way wouldn't children develop a passion for learning, because they are learning about things that interest them. And wouldn't it be great if assessment did not consist of a hall filled with rows of desks, shuffling papers, tension, stress, and a pass or fail. But rather wouldn't it be great if children could be encouraged through positive assessment practices, and scaffolded by teachers who are passionate because there are sharing their strengths and interests. Because isn't it that which is important - the knowledge, skill and passion TO LEARN - and not the actual data we throw at them? Because the data we feed them today, will probably not be the data they need for tomorrow...

Here's Ken Robinson's take from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

Also check out Ken Robinson's views on National Standards


mickeymaniac said...

I agree...we throw so much at kids so fast. What happened to letting them be "kids"? I don't have any solutions, but there should at least be more discussion before decisions are made about how to assess and evaluate our children.

TimWicks said...

I love Sir Ken's talk. I was thinking of doing a blog post on it, but will now just refer to this one.

In reply to mickeymaniac; read my post and watch the video 'not on the test' here,com_wordpress/Itemid,55/p,174/

I totally agree, and I am all for turning assessment and evaluation in our systems on its head.

Treehouse Dwellers said...

@ Tim - Oh the great assessment debate - As if in one giant step backwards, New Zealand's new government is talking National Stardards - will do a post on that later!!

@ mickeymaniac - no I don't have the solutions either - but I'm working on it LOL