Apps for Education

Children are given the opportunity to build a car, truck, 
fire-engine etc using a range of wheel, engine, 
and vehicle body options

In the full version, great graphics help locate planets in the sky - even during daylight hours. Children can also discover satellites spinning around Earth, and star clusters. During the celebration of Matariki, we attempted to follow the Pleiades stars rise above the horizon

This is a sophisticated astronomy app. "An exoplanet is a planet outside the solar system, orbiting another star". Children at Manaia Kindergarten have used this app to explore our solar system (see review), and can observe the planets rotating around the Sun. They can compare the sizes of different planets and the different speeds at which they travel. There is so much room for expansion with this app. Children can easily learn about other star and planet systems throughout our universe, most specifically within the milky way.

Children use their fingers to chip away at digital blocks of wood, marble, charcoal, or pumpkin and create an image of their choice. For children at Manaia Kindergarten this has inspired work at the woodwork table.