Friday, September 4, 2009

Spell with Flickr

I'm really proud of Tayla - Fiona's niece - she has just taught me how to use Spell with Flickr. Try it out - it is a fun way to play with words. It's really easy - Tayla (7yrs) explained it all to me - and it doesn't look like a user friendly website. But you just type in your name and click 'Spell'. Then wait. The site will come up with a selection of photos from Flickr with the letters of the word. If you are not happy with one of the letters - click on that letter and it will give you another option. Keep clicking until you are happy with your choice. To share - copy and paste the code under the letters into a blog, facebook, or... other social site.

Great to hear the children of Glenbervie School are hooking a love of ICT into learning.

letter B letter E V E pemb R oke, MA L is for Public Gardens Wood Type Y

Tayla DID suggest I just use Bev - but that's just not me!

letter T letter A Y letter L A

F happybIrthday letter O N A