Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kahlua enjoys online company

There is something to be said about the global community. How far can we push it? To what extent can it benefit us, and our loved ones? Will I discover a new niche market in technology?

Our new chihuahua poodle began life like many young children today - online. Well not exactly but his first pictures were posted on TradeMe. Once I had discovered them (and then visited him with my partner), I emailed the pictures to Kindergarten. The new born's photos were displayed through the digital projector onto the big screen for parents and children to discuss and enjoy. Within hours of arrival, here, at his new home, he sat with me to skype my relatives in South Africa. Since then his image, movements, and faint sounds have traveled through skype all around the world. You too, can enjoy images of his first visit to Manaia Kindergarten tomorrow on their blog - along with the story of his first bath!

Today our new poodle chihuahua, Kahlua, continued his ICT journey.We used YouTube to connect with other poodle pups from around the world. In our first movie we watched and listened to the excitement of a group of puppies settling into their new home in Canada.

Maybe it wasn't the right time? Maybe Fiona's baking in the kitchen was too distracting? Maybe other pups are not where his interests lie?

Technology and puppies - is there a future here?
Or was this just an excuse to blog about our new little boy!
I will keep you posted :-) LOL!!!!!!

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