Thursday, September 2, 2010

Web2.0 is NOT the future of Education

Jen from Ingenuity has set out this debate. Many teachers ARE excited about Web2.0. It is probably, rightly perceived, that teachers are saying "Web2.0 is the future of Education". It certainly offers education a whole new dimension of collaboration. As a teacher or parent, what are your thoughts about the hype surrounding Web2.0 as the future of education? Watch the video below and hear the argument. I respond below with my thoughts on the debate. Contribute your thoughts by clicking the COMMENTS button below this post.

Web2.0 certainly offers a number of benefits to education. Manaia Kindergarten has engaged the tools of Web2.0 over the past 3-4years with great success - we blog, connect with other educators and students around the country and the world, - we skype, chatting with family members and teachers in Whangarei, throughout New Zealand, and internationally. In my personal life I am active on Facebook (see the list on the right to view my personal involvement in Web2.0), and Facebook has connected me with friends and family around the world. I learn from them, debate with them, highlight online topics of interest to share with them, and engage them in my philosophy on education regularly.

Web2.0 is not the future of education for me, that statement is a little outdated - it is definitely the present of education. So in that sense it is not the future of education - I hope there is more than Web2.0. BUT if educators have not yet explored the validity of Web2.0, will they be ready for the next step. Engage in it now, so that the tools and language are familiar enough to move to the next advancement in technology.

Web2.0 is not the future of education - collaboration is the future (or present for some). It is not the tool, the Web2.0, that is or is not the future - it is what Web2.0 enables us to do in education that is important. It enables us to collaborate, empower children/students, communicate in a way never before possible.

Web2.0 is not the future of education nor will it be unless teachers and educators are given the space and respect to learn the tools. YES - sometimes it takes time for adults to remember all the passwords, click the right button at the right time, remember new processes. Teachers need to be empowered to learn. Web2.0 wont work in education if the teachers are critized while they learn. Young people remember passwords, they know the processes - these part of their everyday world. But I feel Jen could give adults a break, and be proud that they are taking the time and trouble to learn new ways of doing things.

Web2.0 is not the future of education - open minded students and teachers are the future. I embrace Web2.0 and use it as a tool for my 3yr and 4yr old students to broaden their skills and knowledge. And I will embrace the 'next' thing if it benefits learning opportunities.

Web2.0 is not the future - it is NOW.