Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hurve Tullet

Having been inspired from the efellow's masterclass, I have arrived home and continue to read, research, watch, listen, and explore ideas.

I have discovered a great blog by John Funk.  I enjoyed his recommendation of the book Press Here by Hurve Tullet.

I have previously heard about this book.  I thought I'd wait for the ipad app Press Here - LOL. However, on further research, I watched a youtube video of children interacting with this book. I realised that an ipad app would clearly contradict the message of the book. And, I believe, it would be a contradiction of Hurve Tullet's philosophy.

Hurve Tullet's books inspire me. I found a great video interview (2min) with Hurve Tullet, about his book Doodle Cook. As an artist and educator, this interview inspires me. I can imagine the possibilities with our children and I look forward to further exploring this artist, author and his books, with the children at Manaia Kindergarten.


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