Saturday, March 10, 2012

Educational Apps vs Games

I'm just interested. I have been grappling with the kind of apps are acceptable on our Kindergarten ipad. I often hear teachers and parents say - "I don't want them to JUST play games"

So what do you see is the difference between a GAME and an EDUCATIONAL ipad app?


Margaret said...

I have been using both the Ipad and the Ipod Touch with a variety of apps (that I am planning to review on my blog)and I am finding that the puzzle ones (Tozzle) and Dino diggers are current favourites along with the memory match apps - both animal and dinosaur. What I am finding is that they are being used (as with desk top computers) by groups of children, thus stimulating discussion, social interaction, and shared learning experiences. Also, we have an autistic child who loves using an Ipad at home and it has proven to be a social tool for him as he shares his knowledge with other children and they enjoy working with him. This has led to enormous progress for him and is yet another facet to the wonderful new tool we have in our hands. I am seriously considering the purchase of more of these devices, partly as the Touch is not being used for MY planned purpose, music selection, because of the learning I am seeing happening. As usual, the learning I was expecting is not happening, but I am finding there is a fascinatingly different aspect to using tablets that I am looking forward to exploring further.

Meghan said...

To me, a straight-up game is for pure entertainment. There is very little educational value to it and it can be very mindless. An educational game is still entertaining and fun, but it has am educational undertone. These kind of games should have the students activate their prior knowledge and experience in order to beat the game.

I think that if you are going to use games in the classroom, especially a Kindergarten classroom, then you need to do your research on every single game. Have a rationale ready for the parents who will give you a hard time about them (we all have at least one). I would just be ready with a reason for why you are playing the game in class.

Good Luck!