Friday, April 18, 2008

Beyond the Classroom walls

As a kindergarten community exploring the possibilities of information and communication technology, we continue to discuss and promote it's uses higher up the education spectrum. Where are our children heading? What will their primary and secondary schools be offering to further their excitement of learning using technology as a resource?

Second Life is not new to Education - but I challenge you.. are YOU thinking beyond the classroom walls?

Then again, I challenge myself. Is there any room for young children in Second Life? What are the implications? What are the possibilities?

You might like to engage in discussion about this here through comments or at BlogCatalog as part of the Education Today group.

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TimWicks said...

Hi Beverly,

A great post, thanks for the introduction to second life. I downloaded it and created an account. It is massive, and it had my 9 year old immediately hooked. My tech savvy 4 year old wanted to play to, but it was a little too complicated for him.

I am definitely going to research this more, with children with special needs and early childhood in mind. I will report back in my blog.